Questions & Answers

Have questions? Sure you do, we do things a little differently here at inSurge and we make some big promises. Read on for answers to the most commonly asked questions, and if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can ask us.

How does inSurge work?

There’s no big secret – we put in the time and effort to find and reach out to ideal potential clients for your business. We then reach out to them via personalised direct message to engage them. 


Do I have to do anything?

We offer a managed service, which means we take away most of the time-consuming aspects of reaching out to people and generating new and relevant connections. All you have to do is a quick consultation when the service begins to decide which demographics would be most beneficial for your business, and how you’d like us to greet them. The rest we take care of, you can sit back and simply respond to all of the opportunities coming in.


Will it work for me?

Whatever sector or industry you work in, we’re certain that the service will have a hugely positive impact on your business. We’ve already worked with businesses and entrepeneurs across a wide variety of verticals and always had a great response


Why is inSurge so effective?

It’s because this is the way that people have been doing business for hundreds of years. Sure the setting has changed – now it’s online. But no marketing technique in the world will ever beat approaching people you know will benefit from your service or product, and introducing yourself politely and professionally – and that’s exactly what we do.


What is the price?

We offer 3 tiers of service, you can compare the differences here. Or if you’re feeling chatty you can talk to any member of the team to discuss which option would be right for you, just fill in your details below or give us a call on 0800 124 4333.