LinkedIn may not be the most glamorous social media platform but it is great for your B2B. You can incorporate it in your strategies and use it to build lasting impressions with your contacts. It was not until recently that the site developed from a little networking site for professionals to a renowned force. Ever since it was founded, it has provided professionals with a place to meet others with similar interests and to make new interactions. B2B marketers find the site to be great because it is a cheap and effective way of achieving success for any business. The following are some ways that it can help your business increase its sales.

Reaching New Contacts

Through the site, it is possible to reach and connect with new contacts. After communicating with new clients during events or through email, it is possible to stay in contact and develop strong connections. Most clients will find it difficult to connect with you before you meet. Talking about an event you both attended is a great way to start a conversation.

Use LinkedIn Navigator

Navigator is an excellent tool to help your business grow. It has lots of filter settings making it possible to reach very specific people that are relevant to your job and industry. The tool even makes it possible to reach people with specific words in their bio.

Sharing Updates

By posting your updates regularly, you make it possible for your clients to understand the things that your business is passionate about. Regular updates may help to remind your prospective clients that you have expert knowledge on the subject matter. You may also share content that is informative or interesting to your desired connections.

Meaningful Interactions

Fostering meaningful interactions may be great for your business. Like with any other social media platform, you need to like, share, and leave comments. These are simple ways to connect with others. If, for example, one of your contacts is between jobs, consider giving them a kind word or helping them connect with a job opportunity. Meaningful interaction may go a long way in marketing your business.


Research is very important if you are hoping to improve your business and the site makes it easy. You can use it to learn more about your target customers, find contacts, and more.


The site has a valuable, paid tool known as inMail. It makes it possible for you to reach your ideal target. When you log into your account, you can see the people who have been checking your profile. You can then send personalised messages asking them to work with you. InMail is a great way to contact your prospects if you are unable to find their contact information online. The response rate for inMail is much better than cold emails.

Time to Upgrade

By upgrading to a premium account, you can get more from the site. You can use the 30-day trial before purchasing your plan. Your trial makes it possible for you to try it out before making your purchase. With the business account, it is possible to send up to ten inMail messages every month. It makes it possible to view all the profiles you want and to see who has viewed yours in the past 90 days. The business account allows you to do advanced searches.

With the sales plan, you receive recommendations for leads. They make it possible for you to import your sales force and make the right decision for your business. It allows you to access up to 25 locked accounts through inMail.

Join Groups

There are plenty of groups that allow you to connect with other businesses in your industry. In the groups, you can start discussions that are relevant to your business and make new connections. The site gives you a list of recommended groups depending on your business and its needs. In the groups, you can participate in other users’ threads.

Once you join a group, your goal should be to be as active as possible. Do not be afraid to start discussions or ask questions. One of the most effective ways to showcase your knowledge and expertise is by asking questions and starting discussions that other professionals would be interested in.

Pay Attention to Your Content

Group discussions are not the only way to display your expertise. Consider posting informational and exciting content to get other businesses in your industry. The site’s publishing platform is a great way for you to publish thought-provoking information. To access a writing platform, log into the site and use the pencil icon on the status update bar.

Your ability to communicate with your target group is important for the growth of your business. It is the perception of your clients which eventually determines the value and placement of your brand in the market.

Optimise Your Profile

You must be intentional when creating a profile for your business. Your company page should be a lead generation page. It should contain more than the basic facts. If you use it correctly, it can generate a lot of leads to your website. Use an image that can get the attention of your target audience and generate interest. Use a captivating header image because it is your first chance to attract users. Your company description should be boring sentences about your offices and locations. Address your target audience directly and convince them to convert. This information should come in the first two lines of your description.

Paid Advertising

Social media advertising can be great for your business. About 86% of all enterprises now use paid advertising as a way to boost their marketing strategies. LinkedIn is a great platform for paid advertising as it can lead to impressive conversions because it is highly targeted. Over 250 million people use the site all over the world. Even though the number may seem small compared to other social sites, it has its advantages. The options are targeted as you can target a specific employer, set of skills, or job title. The profiles contain detailed information and the information that people provide on their profiles is professional and up-to-date.

There are plenty of ways to market your business but it is one of your best options. Without the right knowledge, however, it may end up being just another social network that wastes your time. Next time you visit the site, consider doing some research to find out how it could be helpful to your business. Being the only social network that focuses on business, it is the ideal place to channel your marketing efforts.

With so many professionals on the platform, making a connection in your Linkedln profile will go a long way in establishing your brand as well as curving out your place in the market. This social media tool can prove to be an invaluable asset to your team. It is no doubt that most companies have adopted it in trying to expand their presence. The platform offers tools that if used with the right strategies can be quite profitable.